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Welcome to Croire en Honneur's website.  If you a member of our guild, please apply for membership and we will set you to the appropriate website rank.  You can join by clicking "Join Croire en Honneur" just under our name at the top of the page.

If you are visiting us because you are interested in joining our guild, please let us know.  We are a family oriented guild on the oasis server.  We have members from all ranges of age and level with various tradeskill levels and classes thrown in here and there.  Our main goal with Croire en Honneur is to provide a fun and family safe place for players to interact with eachother without the hassles of drama and inappropriate conversations.  We all enjoy grouping with eachother to complete quests, help eachother level and just to have fun.  We sometimes raid, but we do not schedule raids and it is not our main in-game goal and will never be required for all members to attend. 

We have a tier 1 guild hall located in New Halas.  Our guild hall is well equipped with a full tradeskill room including one writ giver (soon to be both), a travel center to get anywhere in Norrath, a guild mender who will repair free of charge as well as a banker, broker and commodities exporter.  The guild hall is very nicely decorated with a graveyard, restaurant & lounge, stables and a dualing arena with an attached maze.

If you are just looking around at various websites, feel free to look around.  This is still a new website to us so it is still a work in progress.  Some things are not viewable by the public but you can still look at most things.  If you are not a member of our guild, but would like to be a member of our website, please apply.  An application can be found at the top of the screen under our guild name.  Just click "Join Croire en Honneur."
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Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Efecia, Jul 10, 11 12:00 AM.
Welcome everyone to Croire en Honneur's new guild website.  This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!  Please apply for webpage membership and have a look around.  As you all may have noticed, our guild is beginning to grow quickly.  Although we do not use our website greatly now, there will come a time when we will be needing to keep in touch and up to date on events here.  Please make a habit of checking out our website regularly for any changes we have planned in the future.

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Berserker (500)
Bruiser (500)
Guardian (500)
Monk (500)
Paladin (500)
Shadowknight (500)
Coercer (500)
Conjuror (500)
Illusionist (500)
Necromancer (500)
Warlock (500)
Wizard (500)
Defiler (500)
Fury (500)
Inquisitor (500)
Mystic (500)
Templar (500)
Warden (500)
Assassin (500)
Brigand (500)
Dirge (500)
Ranger (500)
Swashbuckler (500)
Troubador (500)
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